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4 tips to date intentionally

Dating with Intention as a Christian Woman Look, let me be straight up, this has not been an easy thing for me to do. I think my intention was to date with intention, but I never got it right! When it comes to dating with intention, you have to have boundaries set for yourself and then you have to stick to them! That's the part I got wrong. Sure, I had great boundaries, ideas, and even goals, but I could not stick to them. I knew I was wanting to intentionally date to look for a life partner, but I was dating like somebody who just wanted to have fun. I've learned a few things on the way, and I have become better for it! Here are some tips (and the do nots that I did!) to help you out.
1. Acknowledgment  Before anything else, you have to acknowledgment you are ready to intentionally date. I mean sit down and get real with yourself. Taking this step means you are beginning an aim for your future spouse. Beginning this means no more games and just dating for fun. It is a seriou…

What is your Why?

WhyWhy is a universal question that can be asked for thousands of questions. A child tends to ask why over and over and over again while everytime they ask it, it makes sense.
The why I was recently asked was why do I want to work in a ministry that is pointed towards girls. So I asked myself why. Why do you want to work with girls, Cesaley? The answer was easy to answer for myself. I've always known my why. Putting it into words for the person who asked is a little different.
I was afraid that my answer was not good enough. I feared that my answer was not the right one. I was afraid that my answer would affect how this person viewed me. These are silly fears, but to me, they seemed rational. I am only putting my silly fears into this to let Y'all know that I am human. I have fears too. These fears made me think why even deeper. 
Growing up through my teen years was hard. I struggled with not having a best friend. I struggled with wanting acceptance. I struggled with finding …