What is your Why?


Why is a universal question that can be asked for thousands of questions. A child tends to ask why over and over and over again while everytime they ask it, it makes sense.

The why I was recently asked was why do I want to work in a ministry that is pointed towards girls. So I asked myself why. Why do you want to work with girls, Cesaley? The answer was easy to answer for myself. I've always known my why. Putting it into words for the person who asked is a little different.

I was afraid that my answer was not good enough. I feared that my answer was not the right one. I was afraid that my answer would affect how this person viewed me.

These are silly fears, but to me, they seemed rational. I am only putting my silly fears into this to let Y'all know that I am human. I have fears too. These fears made me think why even deeper. 

Growing up through my teen years was hard. I struggled with not having a best friend. I struggled with wanting acceptance. I struggled with finding my identity in relationships and not God. I just really struggled. However, I would not change any of my struggles or mistakes, because they are what catapulted my thankfulness for God's grace and my passion for helping girls as I grew older.

 I would have given anything to have had a girl role model that helped navigate some of my struggles and point me towards God. 

That is my why. I want to help girls navigate through the struggles and hard questions of the teenage years. I want to reassure them who they are in Christ and his love for them. I want to give a space to be themselves, to ask questions, to build relationships with other girls, and to also have fun. I wanted somebody to be that why for me. If I can point at least one girl towards Christ, I will feel like  I am doing what I have yearned to do for so long. I truly believe that God did not put this passion in my heart for no reason. He knows my heart. He knows my passions. 

Take the time to answer your why for yourself. 

Whatever that why is. 

Whatever that why pertains to. 

The thousands of whys.

Answer it. 

Trust me, you will be glad you did.


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