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God's Grace

There are several definitions of what Grace is according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. It marks on the religious point of what grace is calling Grace "a virtue coming from God". Which, we all probably know that Grace comes from God, but that is not the definition of Grace I want to look at.  Merriam-Webster also defines Grace as Approval, Favor, Mercy, and Pardon. Those four defining points of Grace is what truly makes it up. I want to go through each point.
ApprovalRomans 4:4-6 When people work, their pay is not regarded as a gift but something they have earned. 5 However, when people don’t work but believe God, the one who approves ungodly people, their faith is regarded as the basis of God’s approval. David says the same thing about those who are blessed: God approves of people without their earning it
We do not have to work for the gifts God gives us. As humans, we are constantly trying to earn people's approval. It is definitely natural to want approval, but the reali…